How to Make a Stocking


So it’s the festive season… And out comes the sewing machine!
I was initially inspired after finding this Christmas decoration (above) that my best friend got me a few years ago, and decided to make some stockings of my own! Cue two days of procrastination…

It’s super easy to make a stocking, you just cut out two ‘sock’ shapes, sew them together, turn inside out, stuff, and sew closed.,, tadaaaaa. But you can interpret this any way you want and come out with many weird and wonderful results… Here’s how I achieved my very traditional and ordinary looking stockings with mine and my siblings initials on: Josh, Nathan, Molly, Timmy & Phoebe
So first was to find a template… And here’s the one I chose. My ‘foot’ bit was very slim, so you may want to make your feet a little chubbier.

Then you need to choose your fabric. As kids our colours were green, blue, red, yellow and purple so I tried to keep with this theme for each stocking. I also used 90% recycled materials (the cotton wasn’t recycled)… All the fabric was scraps that I’ve collected over years into a ‘scrap bag’. I’m all up for the whole recycle reuse reduce thing!
Pin your template to your fabric, and cut out 2 sock pieces. I used patterned material for the front and plain material for the back. For the back piece, make sure you reverse the template so the fabric side you want is facing out wards in the end (does that make sense? If not, I’ll do another post explaining this … Just comment below).


Next, sew any details on to the front piece. I did a corner piece using the same fabric as the back piece of the stocking. I also added my initial ‘M’ in white.
I used zig-zag stitch because I thought it looked cute. Also used red and white to make it look candy-cane-esque on the ‘M’ stocking.


Then place the back and front pieces together (with the side you will eventually see facing inwards), and sew along the edges. I used zig-zag but if you don’t want to be able to see any stitches I’d recommend a straight stitch.


Turn inside out and your stocking is nearly done. Here are my 5 at this stage:

Then stuff lightly (I used a bit of stuffing from an old pillow then sewed the pillow back up!), and fold over the top (like you would a present) and fix into place with a couple of lines of stitches.


Then cut out a square of fabric for the top of the stocking. This will act as if a folded over piece of stocking, so I’d say it should be the same colour as the back and edging.
Iron in half. Then fold the edges over and iron these in place as seen in this photo:

Sew along the edges..this just looks neater than if you didn’t fold over the edges, and hides any fraying.
Make sure the stitches are even and in a straight line. You can use the sewing machine or sew these by hand.


Then place over the main stocking, and sew along the left hand side and right hand side of the piece, attaching it to the main stocking. They should then begin to look like this:

Then you can finish off with ribbons and hand from mantle piece, or if like me you plan to do that, but secretly know you’ll never get round to buying ribbon, then pop them in the tree for a nice festive decoration!

Merry Christmas X




p.s. how cool is that bannister garland? Took me so long to wrap it round the bannister, then wrap lights around it but definitely worth it :D. I love decorating for Christmas wooooo



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