Non-vegan for Christmas!!!

Unhealthy. That word is fired at me daily, and I have come to spend my life defending my health. ‘I eat a wholesome, balanced diet’, ‘I eat XYZ to get protein, calcium and iron’, ‘I’m feeling healthy and alive’, and all those healthy claims in between. And the one way I know that those claims are full of truth is because of how I feel now!

My boxing day breakfast (right hand side) consisted of bagels, bread and veggie 'meat', strawberries and cake! What a breakfast!

My boxing day breakfast (right hand side) consisted of bagels, bread and veggie ‘meat’, strawberries and cake! What a breakfast!

I have binged over Christmas, not on spinach and humous and salad like ‘real’ vegans are perceived, but on cake, bread, croissants, gravy (on EVERYTHING nearly), I’ve had my fair share of roast dinners, pastas, pizzas, burritos, you name something stodgey and fatty and I’ve over endulged on it.

I paid the price recently when I made a big salty fried rice for my family, and added many many extra glugs of soy sauce to my own bowl. I think I was getting addicted to salt at one point, but anyway I felt terrible after that meal and that was enough to make me realise I’m not in control of my own body at the moment, after all you are what you eat!

So apologies for not posting much over Christmas, but I honestly have been binging on what I can only call bad food and to be honest I’d have been embarrassed to post most of it on here! But I’m back on track now, it’s puy lentil salad, kale and sausages tonight, and tomorrow it’s grain-and-nut meatballs on a brown rice salad! I will be sure to share the recipes :D.

Me and my family eating our main course on Christmas Day

Me and my family eating our main course on Christmas Day

Also, how could I leave without mentioning Christmas day itself?! I cooked for 12 people (me the veggie, my mum a pescetarian, and 10 hungry meat-eaters). I’m not entirely sorry to say that I cooked 2 turkeys, a gammon and a beef, because I thoroughly believe that it is everyone’s own choice what they eat, so I was happy to oblige and cook meat for those who so wished. It was a bit of a sight when I was rumaging through a pile of gammons looking for the biggest one, but hey ho you’ve gotta make some sacrifices  The meat was all organic and ‘extra’ free range, from the Able & Cole company who I get my veg boxes from. To me, buying meat that was at least treated a little better than average was nice, but I knew this was no way near good enough for me to eat it. (I say that like I’m a princess- oh! not good enough.. for ME!)

I didn’t pick at the meat, or eat anything non-vegan except one thing. The only non-vegan thing that I’ve decided to eat since April 2012, was honey! I’ve not once gone against my vegan mindset since I started this lifestyle, but I made the decision to use honey from a bee farm in Sale Moor, right near my house, and it’s a honey that’s supporting a local business. I’m becoming increasingly aware of the importance to support local businesses, as this must surely be vital to a successful economy?

I also believe that a small scale honey business like that does not cause any more harm to insects (in this case bees) than the farming of the vegetables I eat causes to insects (probably this is much more detrimental to local insect livelihood). I know two wrongs definitely do not make a right, but I choose to eat those vegetables, and it is all relative to what is achievable and appropriate for my lifestyle, and for that reason, yes, I glazed my parsnips with honey! And they were delicious.

Featuring on the veg front with the caramelised parsnips were parsley and garlic buttered carrots, mulled red cabbage, steamed sprouts, stuffing balls and roast potatoes. With these everyone else had the unmentionables on this blog (pigs wrapped in blankets, home-made bread sauce, white wine gravy with home-made giblet stock, whiskey and mustard glazed gammon studded with cloves, rosemary rubbed beef and turkey). Me and my mum bought a couple of nut roasts from Able & Cole, and as not very big fans of ‘fake food’ or ‘mushy food’ we weren’t massive fans. I was perfectly happy with the above veg and some lovely veggie gravy :D.

All in all, it was one of the best christmasses I’ve ever had! Once we’d finished eating, we all lazed around for a bit, then the rest of the family came to our house for a little Christmas day party. Ahh what a day 😀

Tom, Me and Timmy enjoying Christmas Evening

Tom, Me and Timmy enjoying Christmas Evening

Me enjoying a glass of port after a long day of cooking!!

Me enjoying a glass of port after a long day of cooking!!

Look out for my future posts with some how-to’s for a Vegan Christmas Day, and I’ll be posting as often as possible about my new health-kick diet, and I’ll let you know if I’m feeling any better for it :).

Hope you all had a great Christmas filled with binge-eating, alcohol-drinking and presents! Now onto the detox….



2 thoughts on “Non-vegan for Christmas!!!

    • Ooh ill try this! I was going to try agave syrup, but knew honey was a safe bet and there was too much at stake so I just went for it! Maple/agave next time for sure!

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