In love with Mr Risotto

I’ve been in a risotto mood recently, and in the past 2 weeks have had 3 risottos. That sounds really bad actually now I put a number on it! Whoops!

I made a butternut squash risotto (recipe here) and a mushroom risotto (recipe here). They worked really well.. And are always a big hit with the meat eaters so this is definitely a dish worth making if you’re trying to impress.


I served with a rocket salad with balsamic dressing. For veggies (not vegans) you can serve rocket and Parmesan salad to go nicely with this dish).

I just subbed butter for dairy free butter and nobody would be able to tell the difference! A simple way of making something vegan!

We also went to a restaurant in Manchester for my little sisters 17th birthday. It’s called Rosso, and is apparently owned by Rio Ferdinand! Fancy! I had a chickpea soup for starters (sounded questionable but the flavours were AMAZING), and a tomato risotto for main. Oh an two cocktails to wash it down! Yuuuuuuuuuuuummmm!!!

The food was excellent, easily a 9.5/10, the only thing was that there were no veg deserts, but we didn’t have desert because we were so full, so I can’t really complain!

It was quite funny because they made the tomato risotto especially for me, as the menu risotto was a creamy chicken one. My dad had the chicken one and when serving they said they couldn’t tell which risotto was the vegan tomato one… Pretty obvious by the distinct difference in colour ( as you can see on the photo below haha!). So that was quite funny!


All in all, been having a massively successful time with risottos at the moment- you should give it a go! Mmmmmmm


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