Chocolate orange cupcakes (vegan)

I was going to go on a massive healthy eating diet, do loads of exercise, and feel amazing. But instead I made cupcakes. Then my boyfriend came home, and I made more cupcakes for him. All in all it’s safe to say there is no diet going on here. Nevermind, I never did like diets anyway.


So if you want to wow some friends with a chocolatey orangey batch of sweetness, then this is the recipe for you. I got the cupcake recipe from, and the frosting recipe from Both worked fantastically, but we had to add a little more orange juice to the icing than it stated because it looked like a block of marzipan!

Also, can I just say (before you judge my horrific attempt), I’ve NEVER iced a cake using a piping bag before and oh my word it’s a lot harder than it looks! Me and my boyfriend both iced these in a moment of boredom, and he looked like a right little housewife doing it! Aww!

We ended up playing catch with the orange, which hit the wall and split everywhere… So that was a bit of a nightmare… Then the icing came out all squiggly and one inevitably ended up having a penis shaped design…

I don’t think we’re cut out for the baking industry!


But it filled a little moment of boredom so I can’t complain! Tom didn’t take all the cakes so that leaves me with the burden of having to eat about 6… What will I do?


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