Vegan Convert

I tried making pancakes for the first time the other day, and needless to say it was a massive flop. They were kinda flat, very mis-shapen and preeeetty burnt! (photo below left)… I sprinkled a few strawberries on top and was actually quite proud, they tasted good and that’s all that matters….right? Wrong. In comes Lacey. We decided to have pancakes as a celebratory lunch after the stress of the past week what with all the revising and working, and I could not have prepared myself for how AMAZING Lacey is at making pancakes. Like seriously good. yumyumyumyum. See my pancakes left… that’s how we do it in Britain. Now see right for America!


So, “how do we make these delicious pancakes?”, I hear you all cry… and the answer is easy! The ingredients are so simple, and the method so so so easy, that whether you’re aiming…

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