Graze Never Fails


So I may have mentioned before. It’s a website where you order a box of vegan (or not vegan… I opt for vegan obviously) treats which arrive in a cute little box every two weeks. You might think spending Β£3.89 each fortnight is unnecessary but every time I see the little brown box come through my letter box I do get a little bit excited!

They are trialling a ‘breakfast club’ at the moment, and @freegrazegoodies on Instagram sent me a code so I could join and receive a free box of porridge. And loving a good freebie, especially from Graze, I joined. This is what arrived…


Pretty standard looking porridge, but I suppose porridge is porridge.

This morning I had breakfast (BLT yum… I posted a photo @mollyczachur on Instagram), then remembered I had the porridge, so I’m not ashamed to say I had a second breakfast. What a pig!


I followed the instructions, except for the bit where it said ‘put in your favourite bowl’… Because, as sad as I am that I get excited when my graze box arrives, I don’t have a favourite bowl! (But maybe I should have one!)

I added some fruit to the top, and a bit of agave nectar (vegan alternative to honey) and it was surprisingly delicious as far as porridge goes. I went for Blueberry and Lingonberry this morning, and can’t wait to have another one tomorrow!

If you are in the UK and fancy trying a free box, join and use my code 3Q84CNV to get a free graze box, then use the code XF44Z5Y to join the breakfast club and get a free breakfast box! Why not πŸ™‚



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