Breakfast smoothie

This morning… Introducing the smoothie.

I’m completely taken over by Hayfever at the moment, so I’m pumping myself with ‘whole’ ‘good’ foods to give my immune system every chance of fighting back πŸ˜€


This recipe is from and is a perfect balance. I subbed the honey for agave nectar.

Ingredients: 50g strawberries, half a banana, half an apple, 1 tsp honey, 1 yoghurt, 1 or 2 ice cubes.
Preparation: Wash and de-stalk the strawberries. Peel the banana and apple, slice the banana and chop the apple into small pieces. Place everything except the ice into a blender and whizz for 30 seconds on full power. Serve in a glass with 1 or 2 ice cubes.

Yum in my tum!

Yesterday I tried making my first smoothie in ages, and I just chucked in a load of spinach, avocado and raspberries (frozen). It was very seedy but definitely gave me a boost!


I made it at night, and drank it the next morning by which time it had gone bright green! I also had porridge with seeds/nuts as I was really feeling like I needed nutrients.


Until I feel better… I’ve been taking these supplements from Holland & Barratt :



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