My Ten Vegan Lessons, One Year On

I have been vegan for a year!!!

Well it’s 13 months! If you’d have told me this time last year that I’d still be vegan in a year, I’d probably have believed you. I felt so strongly passionate about going vegan that I think it’ll take a good few years for it to wear off (if ever).

I feel happier and more vibrant than ever, my skin radiates health and I don’t have to ‘diet’ or restrict myself to feel amazing, I just plod along and it comes naturally with a balanced plant-filled diet! So are you ready for this… what have I learnt in my first year?

1. Maybe discovering how to make vegan cakes was a downfall, as they are gorgeous and irresistable.


2. ANYTHING can be vegan. I celebrated this lesson yesterday when I made the Vegan Fried Eggs (by… You guessed it… Mouthwatering Vegan). They were PHENOMENAL. But yes, if you have a craving for anything then it can be satisfied through vegan food.


3. Bacon, as much as I thought it was, is not the best food in the world. For a long time (even being vegan) I accepted that yes, bacon is the god of foods. But then I realised, I haven’t eaten anything greasy or fatty like that in a year and it would probably make me throw up to eat bacon today. So I think I’ve officially gone off bacon (SHOCK). Oh and fake bacon does NOT taste or look like bacon, but I do love a facon butty when I have a hangover.


4. When I thought I took the maximum possible number of photos in a day, I was wrong. Becoming vegan has made me photograph everything to within an inch of its plant filled life. But I love it!

5. PLANTS don’t taste like plants as I knew them. Like, plants are just food. When I heard plant-based-diet before I’d have been like what the hell do you eat, don’t you get hungry, and do you not have any taste buds? But actually, using the right spices, infusions and varieties of vegetables and fruit that I’ve become used to has blown my taste buds out of this world!

6. Health=happiness. I used to think you went on a diet to get skinny, but now I know that being healthy makes you happy, and the aesthetics are just a side bonus!

7. Anybody can be a cook. I can create and experiment in my kitchen and if it goes wrong who cares… I have learnt to be a cook rather than just follow recipes or packet instructions. (A good example of this is my TERRIBLE cake).


8. And when cooking goes right, you feel GREAT and can say ha! See vegan food IS nice πŸ˜€ like these Courgette Chilli Noodles… Simple but still off the top of my head πŸ™‚


9. Vegans aren’t necessarily freaks πŸ˜€ I know I might be a bit weird, but they are just normal people! I always assumed vegans were hippies who had their heads in the clouds, and I always assumed they were over exaggerating about the problems in the world. I mean after all… It’s all humane right?!

10. And heres the one big lesson that fuels my every day life. There is nothing humane about any animal industry I have come across. Yes, maybe the hen in your back garden isn’t being battered to the ground by you every day. But where did that hen come from? Animals died and suffered before that hen arrived nicely at your garden.

Yes, those dolphins at sea world are given a nice big space, and ‘stimulated’ every day. But where did they come from? And how many other animals were killed/tortured at this expense? I have learnt about things like this, and the ‘wider’ effects of animal abuse.


I have learnt that a lot of people around me, (and also this was me a year ago), are either completely oblivious, or completely blindly putting their faith in… to the source of the products they use. This to me is mind boggling. TAKE A LOOK AROUND YOU. Real life is nothing like the ‘happy egg’ video you get on the TV adverts, and lets face it, your foundation has probably been rubbed in a rabbits skin until it bleeds.

The use of animals is like a huge taboo subject! I never ever ever realised this was the case!

I have learnt so many things about being vegan. People always ask ‘will you be vegan forever’ and I have no idea, I’d say for as long as I know what’s going on in animal-related industries, I will not contribute to them! I’m not militant about it and at the end of the day I just love good food, but at the root of it there will always be that mind-boggling thought that this is going on in the world, and it will probably sway me away from non-vegan products for a long time.

I am so happy, healthy and vibrant. How did nobody tell me about Veganism earlier. I have to give full credit to my friend Laceyahna who completely converted me, because she’s changed my life forever! πŸ˜€


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