The scary ‘E’ word

So I’ve decided to give exercise a go… Sounds stupid right?

My lifestyle, although great in terms of intake, are no way near matched by output. I do little to no exercise, in fact the only time I get exercise is from cleaning or walking places! So I decided, why not actually strive for this so called health peak… Seeing as I’m soon to be 21 (in October… So I’ve got a while :D)

I have been doing runs over the past few weeks, but they are few and far between. On the advice of my buddy (good ol’ Lacey) I realised I’d benefit much more from doing exercise every day, so have just done a run for the second day in a row!

I’ll share with you the little amount of info I’ve learnt so far:

By this I mean before (with water for at least half an hour before), during (with a homemade energy drink) and after (with more water!).
I used to put off exercising because it made me feel weak and tired, but I realised I was just dehydrated and once fatigued would try and gulp as much water as I could, by which point it was too late!

I found this recipe by Thrive and I found that making up the recipe to that amount filled my water bottle nicely, and I drank almost all of it on the 20 minute run and finished it whilst doing 50 sit-ups after. It separates quite quickly but when running it stays nice and shaken up!


Yet again (and now you’re probably thinking ‘what a dumb ass’)… I never considered the processes inside my body, but realised in using up all that energy I needed to replace it, so I really like to consider my post-workout meal. Initially it’s a good idea to get this in liquid form, and within half an hour of finishing the workout. Liquid- because it bypasses the energy-gobbling process of breaking down food and quickly- so your cells don’t start taking energy from elsewhere, leaving you worse off.


Then I find half an hour later I’m hungry, so I’d go for something protein-licious like tofu’d soup πŸ˜€


And the biggest thing I’ve learn so far (in these very early days).. Is about

You can’t expect to see results overnight. I’m one of those people who likes an instant result or I’m likely to move on to another method. This is why I spent years attempting crash diets, but when I went vegan ‘dieting’ as I knew it stopped and I still lost weight. Now thats not enough and I’m after tone. It’s about making something an enjoyable habit and not thinking about the unachievable until you’ve taken the baby steps!

Like for me, I’m going to do a 20 min run every day, followed by 50 sit-ups. I might not run for the whole 20 mins but I can keep building up until I can successfully run to the park, round it twice then back home, without stopping :D. And by setting that small goal I’ll feel better about myself when I complete it πŸ˜€

As for the sit-ups… They are HELL! I get to 25 and I’m breezing through… Then suddenly my body is like ‘HELP NO I CAN’T DO IT ANYMORE‘… So I have to coach my brain by saying ‘OK, now lets get to 40, that’s only 15 sit-ups away‘ and in no time I’m at 40, by which point I’m so close to reaching 50 I just carry on πŸ˜€

So yeah… I’m going to continue setting mini goals and hopefully I can progress in the next few weeks, and start seeing some results by October!

All of the above is just what I’ve gathered from reading online, so please comment below if I’ve got anything wrong or there’s anything you think I could be doing differently πŸ˜€

And exercise really isn’t as scary as I thought… Woohoo


One thought on “The scary ‘E’ word

  1. I need to jump on that e-train with you. I used to exercise regularly and somewhere along the way I became a lazy bum. I’m a bit of a perfectionists and when my schedule didn’t allow the full hardcore workouts I wanted, I just said, ‘enh’. But it’s time to get back in shape.

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