30 days to get a grip

It’s no secret to the people that know me that I eat a lot.

Luckily it’s all plant based and I juice quite a lot but even then the pasta, bread, and the all too frequent trips to the Chinese take-away make me think I really need to buck up my ideas and get a grip.

So in a bid to stop going to the Chinese, and to show what vegans like me really eat and drink on a day to day basis, I’ve decided to post everything I consume on here for 30 days. Hopefully I’ll feel guilty posting my food and eat less crap. That’s the plan.

On the 1st Feb, hopefully I can look back and feel lighter, healthier and happier for the new year… But I am a self confessed binge eater/drinker so let’s see how this materialises!

Oh… and… HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Czachur’s x

christmas 2013


4 thoughts on “30 days to get a grip

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