Day 2- Walkin’ on sunshine, woaaah

I’m back at Uni now, and my parents came up to drive me around looking for walking boots. Vegan walking boots. Who’d have thought it could be such a pain in the arse to find non-leather walking boots really? So I’ve spent most of the day out of the house, and that’s kinda my excuse for why today has been another not so amazing eating day. This is rapidly turning into 30 days of excuses rather than the initial eating challenge.


[My ramble about walking shoes, scroll down for actual foodie stuff]

The first shop we went in (in Llanberis, Wales) left me realising there’s a lot more to walking boots than I thought. After going in what feels like every walking shop in Wales, but here’s a little I’ve learnt:

-Salomon do an amazing vegan boot, the COSMIC 4D 2 GTX. Why do they all have ridiculous names? Anyway, this boot is entirely manmade, and awesome. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it in my size!

-Walking people are really nice and friendly and helpful

-Shoe companies put teeny weeny bits of leather on the outsides of their shoes just to laugh in the faces of vegans

-You can spend an entire day going from Llanberis to Betws Y Coed to Bangor to god knows where else and you’ll end up buying a pair of £20 cheapie manmade boots in the sales until you find a nice-shiny-quality-vegan pair somewhere else in your lifetime


Back to the food

I started off good. Made a juice consisting of:

Day 2

-4 Royal Gala apples

-bunch of kale, without the stalks



-big wad of brocolli stalk

Also I drank about a litre of water.


Then I snacked on walnuts and was ENERGISED and omega-3’d for the day.



After shopping for quite a while, we stopped in petes eats, a cafe at the bottom of Snowdon, and the place to go after climbing a mountain. Pretending I’m not vegan for a second, it’s a meateaters dream. They do huuuuuge portions of full english, cheesy chips, omlettes, jacket potatoes bigger than my head, but I realised it’s also great for vegans. Chip butties, veggie sausages, potatoes with beans, and also they had 3 soups on (lentil, tomato or carrot &corriander) which were all vegan! Woohoo. So I had a hugeeeeeee bowl of lentil soup.


I got back around 5ish, and made sesame oil, ginger,chilli and soy sauce stir fry with rice noodles. It made me feel ridiculously full so I am kind of regretting the whole rice noodle movement, but I’ll lay off the stodge tomorrow to balance it out.


Not planning to eat anything else today, but I am going to the pub later. I’m off the beers for now, but in my head have decided spirits are still OK! Ha, so I’ll probably be on Amaretto and cranberry juices.

Let me know in the comments if you have any recipes you want me to guinea pig for you.

Stay healthy x 


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