Day 8- 101 grams of pasta

Thank god for juice. I was dying for one after missing out yesterday πŸ˜€

Breakfast– carrot, kale and Ginger juice (with cucumber and apples)


Lunch– library snacks πŸ˜€ I bough these two from holland and barratt on my way to the library, some chilli rice crackers which I LOVE and some teriyaki rice crackers which look a lot nicer than they taste! Also sat grazing on cherry tomatoes, an apple and a banana, washed down with a litre of mint tea! Would not recommend this for lunch but desperate times call for desperate measures! (Basically I need to be more prepared in future).


Dinner– so after a hugely disappointing food intake for the day, I was craving to be full. OK there’s no nice way to go about this. I had pasta. I wasn’t going to, but it was nice healthy wholemeal pasta, and I really wanted mac n cheese (Comment if you’d like the recipe). So I measured out 1 portion (80g) and it was RIDICULOUSLY little. Soooo I rounded it up to 100g. My housemate made sure to point out that it was 101g, basically I binged! But it was yummy. I felt guilty but it was deeeelish and a reward for going 8 days without pasta πŸ˜€



A very uncolourful day. Boring and extremely unhealthy. Things can only get better.

Confession– I drank half a mug of hot chocolate too… With rice milk. OOPSIE. But it was out of my cool Harry Potter mug that changes colour when it’s hot. Worth it right?!?



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