Day 11- nobody turns down free crisps

20140114-200737.jpg So much to remember for the exam!! I had a morning of aaaaaah panic, but I think I was pretty ready for the exam so hopefully I’ve done OK. I started the morning off with a carrot and apple juice, then ended up having to eat my lunch on the way to the exam. I may have also celebrated with a few beers after the exam but now I’m definitely not drinking until my exams are over on 24th Jan. So let the beer detox commence! Breakfast– carrot and apple juice 20140114-200732.jpg20140114-200801.jpg Lunch– salad sandwich with vegan mayo on brown bread 20140114-200753.jpg Confessions– I had a few beers and the landlord gave us free crisps… So I couldn’t really say no could I??!! Oops!! 20140114-200809.jpg Dinner– garlic mushroom risotto 20140114-201059.jpg


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