Day 14- a repeat of day 13

Two weeks! I’m getting pretty bad at updating every day due to exams… They have to take priority but I’m getting there πŸ˜€ today was my second exam… Marine Ecology! Think it went pretty well but we will see come results day:/

I got my hoody for the uni Ocean Sciences society today.. Haha love it!


Food wise… I didn’t actually remember to take photos except of my juice but my dinner was exactly the same as yesterday (I tend to just repeat things I like, should probably stop doing that).

Breakfast– carrot and apple juice


Lunch– salad sandwich

Dinner– exact same as yesterday, using the other half of the jar of curry and the other half of the rice!


Confessions– had a few beers, **excuses**starting to look like I can’t help myself with beer but it was an after-exam few pints, as we don’t have another one now for 4 days! Everyone else stayed out and I left early… That’s better right? **excuses**


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