Day 19- three breakfasts and SIX pieces of bread

Third exam down… Only ONE to go! I think it’s fair to say my eating hasn’t been great and I’m starting to acknowledge that I chose the worst time of year (when busy with exams) to record everything I eat… Because it’s all quick fixes and I’ve made nothing exciting. But hopefully it’ll make me realise that I do eat too much and exercise too little. I’ve even started doing sit ups and squats every day in a hope to balance out my input/output!

Today I had:
Breakfast: carrot and apple juice, keeping it simple


Second breakfast- pineapple and mango


Third breakfast– toast with ‘pure’ dairy free spread


Lunch– two salad sandwiches to fill me up before my exam


Dinner– WHOOPS… I got take out tofu noodles on the way back from the pub… Whoopsssssss


Confessions– I had a few pints of beer at the pub. Hello beer belly.



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