Day 20- vegan beauty products

The day of beautifying myself. I’ve spent the last 5 hours with conditioner in my hair in an attempt to make it all glossy and lovely! I also currently have a face mask on AND have bought face scrub and face cleanser. All bought from superdrug, a huge chain of health and beauty stores which are against animal testing so almost all (if not all) their own brand products are vegan and all are BUAV approved! British girls… Get yourselves down to superdrug!


Breakfast– tomato and basil soup with brown bread


Lunch– carrot and coriander soup


Dinner-my housemates got a Chinese but I resisted (personal win)… Then ended up making this anyway ha! It’s fried rice with black bean sauce and any veg I could find




Snacks– hot chocolate with soya milk (EW I normally have rice milk but couldn’t find any so I bought soya… It was horrible! Ruined my nice relaxing face mask session haha!) and a soya cappuccino. That’s me and soya milk done for a while #overload


Confessions– I had a piece of chocolate from my housemate Leighanne (fellow vegan!)… Guiltyyyyy… I also went on a quick shopping trip whilst avoiding revision, I am looking for an outfit for my little sisters 18th on Saturday… NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR it’s between jeans or dress at the moment…




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