Day 21,22,23 and 24- BOOZE O CLOCK

So… As I’ve been in a celebratory end of exams trance all weekend I have not got round to updating.. Apologies!

It mainly involved copious amounts of alcohol and quick, unhealthy food. Nevertheless, here’s what went down (and here’s what hungover, or drunk, vegans eat πŸ˜‰ )

Day 21- the day before exams

Breakfast– about half a pineapple, and a load of water
Lunch– cheesy pasta, in a hope it would spur me on to revise
Dinner– I wanted lasagna but the only pasta sheets they had in ASDA had egg in… So I concocted this layered hotpot (grilled courgette, tomato, pepper, onion and mixed grains, and cheese sauce) topped off with garlic-sautΓ©ed oyster mushrooms! I also ate a whole baguette
Snacks– ‘apple Cosmo’ from my graze box


Oh and here’s a picture that Callum drew of me:


Day 22- the last exam!
Breakfast– carrot and apple juice
Lunch-a big bowl of pasta with half a baguette… Lining my stomach for the drinking that was about to happen!

Didn’t have dinner, but I went and got my belly pierced πŸ˜€ yay! I love it… Woohoo… Then ended up drinking until 6am… STAMINA! (– the pasta must have worked!)

Day 23- my sisters 18th party
Breakfast– I was absolutely dying that day! Got about 4 hrs sleep and woke up and realised I’d missed my train home for the party. Β£25 for new tickets and 3 cartons of juice later… I arrived in Manchester… But no breakfast was had.


Lunch– happened at about 4pm, and was an innocent veg pot, the Mexican chilli one
Dinner-I snacked on pretzels, bread, humous, grapes, and anything vegan that I could find at my sisters party. Ended up drinking a whole bottle of amaretto then moving on to beers… Needless to say I didn’t exactly stick to my alcohol detox.


Day 24- recovery and beer/film/onesie to end the day
Cleaned my belly piercing today and somebody told me the best way to do it is hold hot saltwater in a mug over it for 15 mins. It leaves such a funny ring around my belly I still laugh every time at it!

Breakfast– jam on toast
Lunch– curry veg pot by innocent
Dinner– barburrito. Oh my god, YUM… The best take out ever for vegans… I got mixed veg (mushrooms and onions and peppers) with spicy beans and medium salsa, then I got guacamole and lettuce and jalapeΓ±os …. My god I so wish there was a barburrito in bangor!


On my way home at about 1130pm I stopped off at my friends house, had a beer and watched a film, then went to bed way too late considering 9am was the start of semester two at uni…

Oh and I also made a hotdog kinda thing with these tofu sausages and some BBQ sauce mmmmm:


No rest for the wicked.


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