Day 25- Mini Kales!!!

Breakfast– apple and some muesli with rice milk

20140129-092046.jpg 20140129-092055.jpg

Lunch– I was in the labs today, over by Menai bridge in Anglesey. I ate my lunch looking over Menai strait which is something I haven’t done since before Christmas so that was nice. I had a fake cheese butty (horrible- never ever had a cheese butty, even a real cheese one, and I didn’t really like it. I wedged it with crisps to make it nicer :D). My friend Stef also made a curried couscous for her lunch which I nibbled on… That was gorgeous and I was very jealous!

20140129-092104.jpg 20140129-092111.jpg

Pre-dinner snack– I was planning to go stefs for dinner, so I ate this ‘super green soup’ packed full of goodies, as I was really hungry when I got in from labs and didn’t want to wait. PIG


Actual dinner– I didn’t end up going stefs but knocked up this fried brown rice with teriyaki, soy sauce, peas, courgette and a tofu sausage cut up into loads of slices. Yum!


Also, my housemate just bought these. Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt.


Flowering sprouts… Aka… A cross between sprouts and kale!!!!!!!!
❤ KALE ❤

I don’t have a clue how the whole plant breeding/gm/farming of plants goes, so somebody please nip my excitement in the bud if this is some kind of horrific production process, but for now… YAY mini kales…


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