Leek and Mushroom Pie- New Vegan Recipe!

This is happening tonight if I can find any vegan pre-made pastry.. mmm

Vegan Convert

Hello subscribers/passers by!

So in the past I’ve been doing recipes for quite random things, but last night I thought I’d have a go at my first ever pie

I’ve never made a pie before, so was worried it would go completely wrong, but on the understanding that Leek and Mushroom flavours go excellently together, and knowing that a cream sauce consists of Flour, Butter and Milk, I set about blindly making this pie and I have to say it could have gone a lot worse!

The cream sauce was a perfect accompaniment to the leek and garlicy (we love garlic but you can put less in if you’re not such a big fan) mushroom filling, and although the pastry was rolled a little too thick, it still tasted delicious and went down a storm with my meat-eating, anti-vegan boyfriend! 😀 (He is even becoming converted to tofu now and…

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