Why setting goals is GOOD

Today marks the first day of my ‘starting to be healthy’ week. I have been saying since after Christmas (5 months ago!) that I was going to lose that winter weight but nothing has happened surprisingly. I have to set myself tiny little time goals and then I have just enough attention span to see them through, rather than vow to be healthy until my holiday in 2 months time… Which just won’t happen. So it works for keeping you in line when you lack as much self control as me.

For the next week, every day I’m making juice each morning and me and Callum are going on a fast walk at 8am for about an hour down the river… Just for a week and we’ll see how it goes!

This morning was lovely… With 500ml of fresh-off-the-press carrot, ginger, apple and orange juice!

We even limbo-ed an overhanging tree… Obviously got a bit too giddy with the juice πŸ˜€



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