7 day Ayurvedic cleanse

I went on a diet. Me. The cake, carb, food loving me. Diets are usually a big no for me because I get super into them and then rebound by being super-not into them (and binge on loads of the good stuff).


This one was different! It wasn’t a diet, but a mind, body and spirit cleanse by Linda Bretherton, founder of PsychoVeda. I’ve mentioned her a few times on this blog, she’s great! My mind, body and spirit feel cleansed and rejuvenated, and I feel relaxed and ready to start the year!

I ate wholesome, tasty food three times a day. In fact I felt like I was always eating. The meal plan gave me the structure I needed after way too many takeaways and binge eating/drinking over Christmas. I also cut out alcohol and sugar which must have made a huge difference.

So basically, from this ramble I want to say… Firstly everyone go check out lindabretherton.com … And secondly … WHOLE FOODS … YUM!!!!!!! Thank god I am now back on the straight and narrow… And feeling good.

If you’d like any of the recipes, visit Linda’s website and get in touch with her. The programme involved daily processes for mind and spirit also… And I felt pampered every night! All from the comfort of my home.

For those of you wanting a recipe though… There’s a little cheeky one coming up next.


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