Ramen recipe (vegan)

I could eat rice noodles every day. Actually I pretty much do. So here’s one of my favourites… it’s… A RAMEN RECIPE!


This is my take on ramen noodles… And was a result of there being no food in my house so I utilised frozen and cupboard ingredients….. and it paid off big time!

5-spice Ramen Noodles with veggie sausages!

The idea: Make a broth and the noodles seperately, then combine at the end!

Broth: 1L hot vegetable stock, 2 cloves chopped garlic, 2 slices of ginger, 1tsp 5-spice, 2 tbsp soy sauce and a dash of chilli powder.

Garnish: rice noodles, spring onion, your choice of tofu, or any other meaty alternative (I used veggie sausage).

1. Heat all broth up in a pan, and simmer for 5 mins, then taste. If too salty, add sugar. If too sweet, add more soy for a saltier taste.

2. Meanwhile, boil some rice noodles in water for 5 minutes, and drain.

3. If you’d like tofu, or anything else ‘meaty’ equivalent (I uses frozen kinda McCartney sausages),,, then get them frying in the pan!

4. Now, whack those noodles into a bowl, top with tofu or sausage, a bit of spring onion, then pour that lovely ramen broth all over the top ’til it’s swimming.

5. Enjoy this beautiful dish


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