Vegan Beauty Products PART I

Howdy! You may notice I’ve changed the layout of my blog, and within the same day I’ve been nominated by ThymeforTofu for the Liebster Award– so look out for my post on that (and oh my god thanks guys, my first nomination!!!).

Today I’m running through all the beauty products I use, in part 1: MAKE-UP

I LOVE SUPERDRUG. They are against animal testing, and all of their own brand products are non-animal tested, and often vegan! You should check out Superdrug if you’re in the UK, and I encourage you to buyΒ all of your products BUAV approved (easy if you’re at superdrug!).


Here are my top make-up products that I can’t live without.

b range


Brows are big at the moment, both in size and in the media. I can’t live without my brows, or without my brown eyebrow pencil from the b range by superdrug. They have loads of pencils but I love the one with the brush on one end, so you can brush out that brow! I also use this pencil under my eyes too, so multifunctional.



For those nightmare days when you randomly sprout a spot out of nowhere, down to covering up in anticipation of my bright red cheeks following alcohol… this concealer from b is my buddy. It matches my skin tone really well, and I sometimes put it on straight after moisturiser (featured in Vegan Beauty Products PART III), and kinda use it like foundation at the same time.


046medium b powder

After my excessive use of the concealer, I top it off with some powder, still from the b range at superdrug. I use 046 Medium for my skin tone, and brush it under my cheek bones, on the top of my forehead and on the sides of my nose, in all the shadow-y places on my face to make them darker, and to highlight/exaggerate the lighter areas (I really don’t know this much about make-up, I basically blag it!). But I LOVE this powder. Another staple in my make-up bag.

Nail Varnish

barry m barry-m-varnish1

Does this count as make-up? Either way, I go through phases of loving nailvarnish, and painting my nails all different colours. I also sometimes go long times without wearing any. But for those days where I want to look fabulous (I’m currently wearing black- not so fab!), I use Barry M. The colours are fantastic and so bright, and they’re sold everywhere (also in Superdrug) so they’re easy to get hold of. All of Barry M is vegetarian, with lots of things vegan, although look out for the beeswax!

I hope this will get you started thinking about using products that aren’t animal tested, or if you’re a vegan please comment below with tips on what you use!



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