Vegan Beauty Products PART II

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ย This post is part of the Vegan Beauty Products range, and you can find PART I here.

Today I’m talking hair, from bath and shower products to even moisturising your hair.

Can’t live without: A good shampoo, a good conditioner and a good hair moisturiser.

Introducing…. LUSH

Shampoo- my all time favourite BEER SHAMPOO

beer shampoo

Cynthia Syliva Stout by Lush- AKA BEER SHAMPOO. Maybe not good for a hangover, but for every other day this shampoo is amazing. It’s moisturising (which is good for my dry, over dyed hair), it smells amazing, and its so soapy. You know that kind of shampoo that is just so satisfying to wash your hair with. Anyway this is a big winner for me.

Conditioner- Happy Happy Joy Joy by Lush

happy happy joy joy group

What about the name happy happy joy joyย wouldn’t make you smile. And everyone wants to be happy! That would be a very short reason why I love this product, but the name is mostly why I like it :’). Also, it smells amazing and it feels great, and my hair feels amazing after using it. Downside is I have to use quite a lot on my hair, but I have thick hair so I’ll let lush off this time.

Hair Moisturiser- R&B style


I can’t live without this! OK massive overstatement but it is my essential beauty product that I’d choose if I were on a desert island. I’ve got dry hair anyway, so after every wash this gets slapped on my hair. I’ve also found it AMAZING at the beach (although watch out as it melts) for when you get out of the sea, and it detangles all of your hair beautifully. It smells amazing, it’s beach friendly, and as a marine biologist, I’ve found after diving my hair getsย really horrible. Put this on and job done!!!

Dry Shampoo

ready to rock

I complain about my hair being dry, yet when it gets a little oily I’m straight on it with the dry shampoo. This one by Superdrug is amazing, and I use it way too much. If it’s a last minute public appearance, or if you don’t have time to wash your hair between work and going out, this does a fantastic job. There are loads of ‘flavours’, I think they all just smell differently. I love the orange one best: ready to rock.

Others to consider:


I have been known to use Faith By Nature, and it’s alright but every one I’ve tried smells vile. That said, it’s cheaper than lush, and is found in loads of health stores. I like that I feel like I’m being eco-friendly if I use this product!

And the trusty Superdrug’s own brand

superdrug shampoo

Coming in at ยฃ1.99, this shampoo would win if I wasn’t a hair snob. I love this shampoo but I just love Lush more (and all my Lush Christmas presents are going to last me a while!). Now I’ve thought about this I want to go to Superdrug and buy this shampoo. Their conditioner is great too, I’d highly recommend. In fact, I’d recomment all of Superdrugs’ own brand hair care.

Let me know if you have any hair-care secrets, as I love hearing about other people’s vegan beauty experiences! And of course any tips for me are very welcome… Comment below!


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