Blueberry and Lemon Cupcakes

I made cakes for my cousin’s baby’s christening! Woah that was a mouthful.

They were blueberry and lemon cupcakes, and they were so much fun to make and were NOM. I made a lemon buttercream for on top, and made soo much buttercream that I froze a whole box of it! Google told me that you can freeze it up to 3 months… so I’m going with that, and I will thaw it the day before I use it. yay. I even made candied orange peel using the lemon peel, you’d think I had loads of spare time (I don’t!).

So here they are, and you can click here for the cake recipe!

Enjoy mmmm

IMG_4924IMG_4922  IMG_4927 IMG_4929


And here’s a few from the decorating! Just found these ‘pearls’ and I’m not sure that they’re vegan but they were there and looked christening-ey!

IMG_4930 IMG_4921


And here’s the final decorated product!




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