Vegan Beauty Products PART II

Hello 🙂 This post is part of the Vegan Beauty Products range, and you can find PART I here.

Today I’m talking hair, from bath and shower products to even moisturising your hair.

Can’t live without: A good shampoo, a good conditioner and a good hair moisturiser.

Introducing…. LUSH

Shampoo- my all time favourite BEER SHAMPOO

beer shampoo

Cynthia Syliva Stout by Lush- AKA BEER SHAMPOO. Maybe not good for a hangover, but for every other day this shampoo is amazing. It’s moisturising (which is good for my dry, over dyed hair), it smells amazing, and its so soapy. You know that kind of shampoo that is just so satisfying to wash your hair with. Anyway this is a big winner for me.

Conditioner- Happy Happy Joy Joy by Lush

happy happy joy joy group

What about the name happy happy joy joy wouldn’t make you smile. And everyone wants to be happy! That would be a very short reason why I love this product, but the name is mostly why I like it :’). Also, it smells amazing and it feels great, and my hair feels amazing after using it. Downside is I have to use quite a lot on my hair, but I have thick hair so I’ll let lush off this time.

Hair Moisturiser- R&B style


I can’t live without this! OK massive overstatement but it is my essential beauty product that I’d choose if I were on a desert island. I’ve got dry hair anyway, so after every wash this gets slapped on my hair. I’ve also found it AMAZING at the beach (although watch out as it melts) for when you get out of the sea, and it detangles all of your hair beautifully. It smells amazing, it’s beach friendly, and as a marine biologist, I’ve found after diving my hair gets really horrible. Put this on and job done!!!

Dry Shampoo

ready to rock

I complain about my hair being dry, yet when it gets a little oily I’m straight on it with the dry shampoo. This one by Superdrug is amazing, and I use it way too much. If it’s a last minute public appearance, or if you don’t have time to wash your hair between work and going out, this does a fantastic job. There are loads of ‘flavours’, I think they all just smell differently. I love the orange one best: ready to rock.

Others to consider:


I have been known to use Faith By Nature, and it’s alright but every one I’ve tried smells vile. That said, it’s cheaper than lush, and is found in loads of health stores. I like that I feel like I’m being eco-friendly if I use this product!

And the trusty Superdrug’s own brand

superdrug shampoo

Coming in at £1.99, this shampoo would win if I wasn’t a hair snob. I love this shampoo but I just love Lush more (and all my Lush Christmas presents are going to last me a while!). Now I’ve thought about this I want to go to Superdrug and buy this shampoo. Their conditioner is great too, I’d highly recommend. In fact, I’d recomment all of Superdrugs’ own brand hair care.

Let me know if you have any hair-care secrets, as I love hearing about other people’s vegan beauty experiences! And of course any tips for me are very welcome… Comment below!


Bye bye bleach

I am no longer going to be able to post about ‘the beauty struggles of a blonde haired naturally brunette vegan’… As I have gone back to my natural colour!!

I went to a salon in Urmston near where I live, called Casablanca. I went here because they stock Paul Mitchell hair colour, so all the products they used on me were vegan! And it only cost me £80 for a full colour correction treatment (my blonde was very very bad condition), a cut and a blow dry and they even styled it into curls for me! So I was super happy with this.

So if looking for a good quality salon brand that’s vegan, I’d highly recommend Paul Mitchell… What do you think of it?


Top left, me in Amsterdam blonde
Top right, me absolutely posing whilst on the phone (quite embarrassing really!)
Bottom left, you can see how good the quality is when it’s just been dyed!
Bottom right, me and my sister at a wedding last Saturday 🙂

The beauty struggles of a blonde-haired, naturally brunette vegan. PART TWO

For anyone worried I’d been killed by the ginga-tint (aka NATURTINT) hair dye, fear not, I was just out getting very drunk until 4:30am…. yeahhh vegans can have fun too! 😀 Had lots and lots of cocktails with my best friend Amy, we did a little crawl of Fallowfield where I live, went to a pub called 256 for some cocktails, then headed to Trof, where there were live bands on and we had some very strong daiquiri, and made serious eye connections with some husky singers, (watch out Tom!), then we headed for Font a cheap cheap cheap (£2) cocktail place, before deciding it was best to go home and put flats on before heading to a club…

Got to the club at 2am, and ended up back at home at 4.30, so we could’ve stayed out longer but the drinks were starting to hit me, being the old cooking, knitting, crafting granny that I now am, so we came home, but it was a good stint! So the first thing on my mind this morning was the compulsory (whether vegan or not) hangover bacon butty! And I’m not ashamed, a bacon butty, whether meaty or not (preferably not meaty)… cures a hangover for sure!

So the photo you’ve all been waiting for… my hair! I have to apologise and say I haven’t put the bright colours in yet, as I need to go and buy another box of blonde to slap onto my hair, as the slight orange appearance is undeniable!

So, it’s not too bad, but not quite how I’d like it. I also missed a little patch on the front left of my head, so that’s chillin brown at the moment… and we can’t have that! I think overall it has worked considerably well, seeing as my roots really were dark, and it’s lifted them to all the same colour. I also put no dye on the ends of my hair so am impressed that it all seems to look OK together- and for home dying it’s not terrrrrrrrible! It’s more the user that’s at fault than the product.

Thumbs up to NATURTINT from me.

I am getting over giddy and just want to put the colour on right now, but then I’ll be ginger and colourey together, and look silly. This might have to be the point where I get off my lazy, hungover arse and go to the shops to buy some more box dye. gahhhhh.

I will, obviously, let you know in the rare event that this happens this morning. It’s 11:36AM and I’m  in work at 6PM, might just pick some up on the way to work and do it tomorrow- make my life as easy as humanly possible 😀 😀

Here is a photo of 2 bananas that I kept hold of until the bitter end, even though they were too brown to eat, I thought they might be OK in  a smoothie… I am way too kind to fruit, these bad boys should’a been gone long ago!

Hope you enjoyed those half-drunken rambles, I shall inevitably be back with more mindless chat about my hair, amongst other things, if you’d care to join me for PART THREE! 😀


The beauty struggles of a blonde-haired, naturally brunette vegan. PART ONE

Exams finished for the summer!!!!!!!! woooooo! Let my 2 weeks of summer begin. So happy now, they went OK, and all I’m thinking about now are the next two weeks before results on the 10th Sept, because I can just enjoy myself until then 😀

So the first thing on my to-do list once I’d finished that exam was to go and buy some hair dye! My roots are terrible, and I’m sure the male viewers of this blog won’t care much for this post but it’s a very difficult part of being a un-natural vegan- finding some good vegan hair dye! Most of the time, the problem is that all the large companies test on animals, so I went to my local veggie store, On The Eighth Day, and bought the “NATURTINT Green Technology” brand of hair dye, in the Light Dawn Blonde (101) colour. It has no ammonia, and is free from heavy metals, artificial fragrances, then a load of other things I haven’t heard of (free from: SLS, FORMALDEHYDE DERIVATIVES, PARABENS etc..). So I don’t know what is actually in it, but there’s only one way to find out if this stuff works…….. here goes nothing!

OK, so for those of you who don’t know what I look like this, above, is me. (The one on the left obviously, although my brothers increasingly long hair could pass for a girl :P).

This is the most recent photo of me, from Sunday when my Uncle, baby cousin and nan came to visit, and as per I had my hair tied back, and didn’t really do much with it. I am sick of having boring, blonde hair… (and hate my natural dark brown hair) so today, after all the exam stress.. as well as the blonde dye I went and treated myself to some coloured hair dye (and I will show you what I’m doing with it later!).

Vibrant, I know! The woman in the shop said it was vegan, and that she wasn’t into anything animal tested, and she is pretty sure it’s a good brand. I checked the ‘Stargazer’ website (the brand of this dye), and it’s never been tested on animals in its life 😀 woohoo! Another bonus- they were supposed to be £4 each, but she gave me all 4 for £12… bargain!

The first photo of me isn’t great at showing off my hair, so as embarrassed as I was, I took a few photos of myself to show you my hair as it is now, in a bit of a “before/after” style thing!

As I now look at the above photos, as I sit here with the NATURTINT blonde dye in my hair, I am a little sad that I didn’t just stay the colour I was! My roots are currently a bright shade of ginger, and although I’m only 10 minutes into the recommended 30 minute developing time, I’m very scared it’ll stay ginger! In this case, I will save the sassy colours until another day, and try to sort out this ginger mop first!

Here’s me, terrified, and 15 minutes into the blond-/ging-ifying root session:

Going to put the dye on the rest of my hair now. I should really have bought 2 boxes to do my hair, because it’s nearly all run out, but I’m just going to put it on as much of my hair as I can, and massage it around a bit… oh god why do I improvise with everything… first the cake now this…….. when will I learn? If only main-stream brands didn’t test on animals, I’d be walking out of the hairdressers now with a beautifully blondified hairdo…

grrr @ animal testing!