Exciting news for UK people, all these were only Β£2.50 in ASDA. Woop woop:
So it’d be rude not to make a smoothie! Strawberry, banana and spinach for me and topped with sunflower seeds πŸ’šπŸ’ͺ



Exploring the ocean!

I’m trying to get out of the house to somewhere other than the lab or the library, every day!

Today I went down to the Menai Strait near my house and started videoing some footage for a project I’m doing.

The juice I had this morning was very average, not the best!

1/2 cucumber
1 apple
8 stalks kale
Handful of spinach


It was followed by couscous with seaweed and spring onions for lunch, so that kinda made up for it!

The best way to drink your juice

This weekend I juiced in style!

On the menu was pineapple (1 whole), pear (6 whole) and ginger (1 inch) juice. It didn’t make much juice so was probably the most expensive juice of the week! But it was really tasty.

They say you’re supposed to start the day off with something positive. A juice is best drank when it is freshly pressed that morning, and when it’s the first thing you put into your body that day. This way the nutrients flow straight to where they’re needed and you get the most out of the juice., but when you drink it in style it just adds to the positive vibes to begin your day.

Today’s juice was drank at a waterfall, and after a few days of very heavy rain, impressive is an understatement.

We drank our juice on the way up to the waterfall, then tried out a GoPro video camera that I’m using for a Uni project. If I wasn’t so technologically challenged I’d upload the video to wordpress! But here’s the video on YouTube:

Let me know how you start off your day positively in the comments below!


Why setting goals doesn’t always work (even the tiny ones)

6:45am… *Alarm*… And the dreaded sound of a failed goal!

The rain was pouring down outside this morning, and I didn’t fancy getting soaked through right before work at 9, so I just juiced instead.

I found a website with 50 green juice recipes!! (

I used this recipe:


2 cups of grapes
1 green apple
1inch fresh ginger
1/2 cucumber
Huge few handfuls of spinach (I couldn’t find chard!)


It was lovely and light and refreshing, and I can imagine it’d be nicer over ice. I’ve never juiced grapes before so that was a novelty in itself, and brings a really nice flavour to the juice (if you put enough in!).

So no walk today, but hopefully I’ll get round to doing some sit-ups and squats and maybe a walk after work if the shutter-island-style weather clears up!