Zero Waste Supermarket!


My little sister Phoebe challenged me to practice what I preach and #refuseplastic for two weeks… how hard can it be when I try not to buy plastic anyway? When you run out of pasta, rice and lentils you suddenly realise that plastic is everywhere and my usual shopping trolley is clearly riddled with plastic. Suddenly I NEED pasta!


We can take baby steps towards reducing the plastic we buy, and collectively make a global movement towards consuming less plastic. This could result in less plastic in the oceans, could bring back an attitude of reusing the packaging we’ve got instead of just recycling, and shift attitudes towards supporting a healthier and more fair planet!

I visited Sel Fair, a zero-waste supermarket in Bremen, and I was not disappointed. I found it on, and suggest that you try the same for your area! I took my own jars and boxes, weighed them, filled them, then weighed again. I bought only what I needed, and I didn’t bring away any extra ‘waste’ that would end up in the recycling bin again. Bulk stores are popular in America… let’s bring more of them to Europe!


#Practicewhatyoupreach… whether you hear yourself preaching a love for the environment, for animals or for your carbon footprint… I challenge you to REFUSE PLASTIC for the rest of the day, and show yourself that you can actively care for this planet!


Spoil yourself

You’re worth it! Today I decided I was worth it and created this feast for lunch. Follow me on Instagram @mollyczachur for more photos 😃👍

 1. Spinach and spring onion salad with avocado and balsamic glaze

2. Four bean salad (bought a big tub from Aldi for £1.49- lazy person’s bargain)

3. Chilli/garlic olives (Aldi again, £1.49)

4. Mange tout

5. A strong black coffee (I added sugar-guilty!)

I didn’t even miss egg!

As a child, I always loved egg mayo sandwiches but they were that sandwich that you weren’t supposed to choose and everyone would go eeew egg! But anyway, I liked them!

I’ve not had egg mayo for years, and so going vegan never really phased me on the egg front. In fact, I didn’t even particularly miss fried eggs. But then Mouthwatering Vegan did it again, she stepped in with a recipe for a vegan fried egg which rocked my world.

You can find the recipe for the fried egghere, and follow the links for the egg mayo sarnies.

So here it is… My first attempt at a vegan egg, and I can assure you my fry ups will never be the same again!


It was delicious with the toast, and I can just imagine the scope that this yolk recipe has. You can add more water to make it runnier, which would facilitate dippy egg & soldiers. Or you can scramble it with tofu for a more realistic ‘scrambled tofu’. I suppose you could even use this fried egg in recipes that call for poached eggs (I.e. served over asparagus). It really is phenomenal and I’m so glad I stumbled across this recipe!

Since then, I have had a tea party with the girls in the sun, featuring a 100% vegan buffet. We had ‘egg mayo’ finger sandwiches, then hummus, pomegranate & cucumber, hummus & falafel, and jam . We also had peppers and cucumber with dips, then I made a batch of raspberry cupcakes. Oh and not forgetting the hand squeezed orange juice and cups of tea! The egg mayo sarnies were hands down the star of the show!


And then today, as I couldn’t quite resist it, (and yes, for the third day in a row)… I had a egg mayo bagel.

My life is now complete!


Aubergine Ciabatta Serving Platter


I saw a ‘hummus on toast’ by @figbasil on Instagram, her website is and its great!

Anyway, it inspired me to make my next creation… Aubergine Ciabatta Serving Platter


Just slice 1/2 an Aubergine, and place on a roasting tray. Drizzle with oil and pop on a medium-high heat for 15 minutes, until soft.

Whip up a salad with anything you’ve got in… I chopped some cherry tomatoes, half a pepper, 8cm of cucumber, a few lettuce leaves and one spring onion. Dress with balsamic vinegar.

Serve with hummus, olives and dress the finished Aubergine with balsamic vinegar, using a spoon to make lines (makes it look like charred sections of ciabatta!)

Yum yum yum, or you can assemble it as follows and use it as a non-sharing starter:D